Wrong economics teachings

The mainstream of economic teachings in highschools and universities is Keynesian economics.  Unfortunately, the Keynesian school of economics has gotten everything wrong and has driven our economy towards total collapse.   When a economic bubble burst, the excesses from the boom period must be allowed to be liquidated so the profitable and efficient businesses can absorb the resources tied up by unprofitable and inefficient businesses.

Government bailouts, stimulus spending, injection to money supply would only increase the inefficiencies in the economy by taking money away from the efficient and give it to the inefficient through current or future taxation.

Since the current government is having trouble financing all the spending, it is monatizing it by printing money.  This will dilute the value of the currency and will inevitably cause high inflation or hyper-inflation down the road.  Inflation is a form of theft which takes wealth away from people who save and give it to those who are deep in debt.  The market has a corrective mechanism against run-away inflation, which is when everyone is incentivized to get deeper into debt, the interest rate must rise, cooling down the growth.  Thus, to sustain the illusion of growth and prevent a total collapse, the central bank must print more money to drive down interest rates.   Such action would drive more people to abandon their cash positions and the vicious cycle goes on and on until the economy is totally destroyed.

Thus, to protect your wealth, you need to take control of your own finances and investments.  Carelessness in such matter would cause your wealth to be totally wiped out.