The Value of Gold

Recently I had a conversation with a friend, who asks me, “why is gold valuable?  It is just a metal that people dig it up and bury it again underground.  It is not income-generating.  You can’t eat it or use it in any productive purpose.  Then why do people buy it and invest in it?” I think he is right in that gold does not have much value as a productive asset.  The value of gold, however, comes from it […]

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Papaya Farm Best Fruits To Plant (IPhone)


Here is a list of the fruits in the IPhone games “papaya farm” sorted by the profitability per hour. Using the table below, the game player can easily determine which fruit to plant to maximize her wealth growth. To find out which fruit to plant, simply go down the list and find the highest “Profit Per Hour” value for your level.

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U.S. Demographics and Socialism

If you are wondering about where the U.S. economy is going for the next 20 years, you can bet on that it would become more and more socialistic.  Nationalizing health care would only be a matter of time.  And the government will take a larger and larger role in our lifes.  How do I know that?  It is simple, we have the following demographic drivers: 1.  Baby boomers are starting to retire.   After the recent crisis, most of them do […]

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Google Insights for Search calls stock market bottom

Here is a comparison of the amount of searches in google for “economic recession” and “economic recovery” with the stock market (QQQQ is the nasdaq index fund).   A peak in interest about economic recession along with a peak in interest about economic recovery calls for the March bottom in stock prices.  This makes sense in that the crash stops when lots of people is worrying about a recession and more people start to see recovery. You can access the most […]

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Google Insights for Search vs. Stock Prices

Today I developed a new tool to identify potential investment opportunities.  The idea is to use Google Insights for Search to identify increasing popular awareness for a product.   Then I compare the trend of increasing searches with the stock price of the relevant company. In the above picture, I compare the interest in “IPhone” vs Apple Inc.’s stock price in a five year basis. The tool can be accessed here: // At the top of the page there is a […]

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