Flight Control Strategy

Flight Control is an extremely fun IPhone game.  The objective is to land the planes to the corresponding lanes.  Different type of planes fly at different speeds.  They also come out more frequently as time pass on.  The game terminates when two planes collide.






Here are some strategies that I found useful in playing the game:



1.  Since the entry points of the planes do not change, it is possible to design the fly path in a way that prevents unnecessary intersections:






The red planes should not go directly into the landing lane.  It is better to set them in parallel motion (see left side of the map) and direct them in to the lane one by one.



2.  When defining flight paths, it is more preferable to have two planes fly in the same direction.  The reason is that it gives you more time to react when the planes are close to collide.  If two planes are flying heads on,  the time for you to solve the crisis becomes very short.



3.  For the red planes, the bigger ones are faster then the smaller ones.  Therefore, you should always try to land the big ones first, and then you can trail the small planes right behind them.  If you do it in the opposite order, the big planes often catch up to the small ones before they land.



4.   If multiple planes of the same type are moving in the same direction, put them on the same path.  Because the same type of plane have the same speed, they will never collide if they are on the same path.   In addition, this leaves extra room for other planes to maneuver. See below:






5.  Do not fly the planes around the edge!   Even sometimes if you have to, put them back on the above track as soon as a crisis is resolved.  The reason is that if you fly the planes around the edge, it is very easy to be hit by a plane that just come out.



6.  In case of too many planes to handle, you can put some planes in rest by making circular paths.  Those planes would fly in small circles (instead of running into others) until you have time to attend to them.  See below:






Happy Gaming!!!