Quick Scrabble Word Finder

One feedback I’ve received by users of Words With Friends Cheat and Scrabble Cheat is that sometimes it takes a while to put in the entire board, and it would be nice to have a quick word finder to lookup words by matching patterns. So as a result, I created the Scrabble Word Finder for everyone to use. It takes much less time to use than the cheat boards, and it will generate a list of words that are good […]

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A solver for hanging with friends

Developed another solver for the popular iphone game Hanging With Friends. You can get it here Hanging With Friends Cheat

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Flight Control Strategy

Flight Control is an extremely fun IPhone game.  The objective is to land the planes to the corresponding lanes.  Different type of planes fly at different speeds.  They also come out more frequently as time pass on.  The game terminates when two planes collide.                 Here are some strategies that I found useful in playing the game:         1.  Since the entry points of the planes do not change, it is possible to design the fly […]

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Field Runners Strategy

I’ve come across an awesome game called Field Runners in the IPhone.  It is very fun, and here is my strategy for the Grasslands Map and the highest level I get to is 115 on ‘Hard’: The same strategy on ‘Easy’: Here are the reasons for the above layout: 1. All heavy weapons are concentrated in the horizontal path.  This is the only way to defend from the fast running airplanes. 2. For units other than airplanes, they must go […]

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Cross The River

Came across the following flash logical problem. For crossing river/bridge type of problems, this one is one of the hardest. If you cannot read Chinese, here are the rules and instructions: There are a family of six: Dad, Mom, two sons, and two daughters. There is a policeman and a thief. 1. The objective of the game is to get everyone across the river in a boat. 2. The boat can take a maximum of two persons. 3. Only the […]

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