Stock Pick: Gold and Silver (GLD and SLV)

If stock prices go up, Gold and Silver would go up as more people will buy it to hedge inflation. If stock prices go down, Gold and Silver would go up as people would seek a safe haven. The way the Fed and the world is printing money will surely make inflation inevitable.  Developing countries with sound currencies might start stocking up gold ans silver as they become more cautious about the dollar. The potential gain is huge and the […]

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Stock Pick: General Electric (GE)

Hurt by the financial arm, GE stock has been beat down drastically as the recession unfolds.  However, GE is still one of the most efficient industrial companies in the world.  Its international exposure and diverse product portfolio makes its current price a bargain.

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Stock Pick: BioMed Realty Trust, Inc. (BMR)

This REIT is paying 14% in dividends.  The problem with REIT’s in this economy is the decline of real estate prices.  However, BMR specializes in acquiring, developing, owning, leasing and managing laboratory and office space for the life science industry.   I checked that many of its tenents are very mildly impacted by the recession.  In general, the life science industry is still in the growth stage as the baby boomers are entering retirement.  Therefore, I think the stock is over-sold […]

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Stock Pick: DryShips Inc. (DRYS)

This is a very risky cyclical play.  DRYS has been beaten down due to its enormous debt liabilities.  However, the fundamentals of commodities are improving and will keep improving.  It is very probable for DRYS to recover as credit market unfreezes and commodities recovers.  The up-side far out weights the downside.  In addition, as oil wells dry up, the deep sea rigs would turn out to be great investments.

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Stock Pick: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Apple products are moving from innovators to early adopters. IPods have already dominated the mp3 player industry. IPhones are growing aggressively.  Macs are picking up speed in growth as well.  Although the majority of population still use PCs and Windows and Blackberry, I am seeing more and more people converting.   I also notice that Apple’s products are being more and more impressive.

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