Field Runners Strategy

I’ve come across an awesome game called Field Runners in the IPhone.  It is very fun, and here is my strategy for the Grasslands Map and the highest level I get to is 115 on ‘Hard’: The same strategy on ‘Easy’: Here are the reasons for the above layout: 1. All heavy weapons are concentrated in the horizontal path.  This is the only way to defend from the fast running airplanes. 2. For units other than airplanes, they must go […]

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What are we? Monkeys

As humans, we always think we are very special. We want to believe there are some divine meaning behind our existence. Unfortunately, we are just another specie that happens to evolve a bigger brain. If an alien is to study the earth, it would be find us very amusing indeed.

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Indian Comedian Russell Peters


This guy is hilarious. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

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