Definitions for: Qualify

[v] (grammar) add a modifier to a constituent
[v] make more specific; "qualify these remarks"
[v] make fit or prepared; "Your education qualifies you for this job"
[v] describe or portray the character or the qualities or peculiarities of; "You can characterize his behavior as that of an egotist"; "This poem can be characterized as a lament for a dead lover"
[v] pronounce fit or able; "She was qualified to run the marathon"; "They nurses were qualified to administer the injections"
[v] specify as a condition or requirement in a contract or agreement; make an express demand or provision in an agreement; "The will stipulates that she can live in the house for the rest of her life"; "The contract stipulates the dates of the payments"
[v] prove capable or fit; meet requirements

Webster (1913) Definition: Qual"i*fy, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Qualified; p. pr. &
vb. n. Qualifying.] [F. qualifier, LL. qualificare, fr. L.
qualis how constituted, as + -ficare (in comp.) to make. See
Quality, and -Fy.]
1. To make such as is required; to give added or requisite
qualities to; to fit, as for a place, office, occupation,
or character; to furnish with the knowledge, skill, or
other accomplishment necessary for a purpose; to make
capable, as of an employment or privilege; to supply with
legal power or capacity.

He had qualified himself for municipal office by
taking the oaths to the sovereigns in possession.

2. To give individual quality to; to modulate; to vary; to

It hath no larynx . . . to qualify the sound. --Sir
T. Browne.

3. To reduce from a general, undefined, or comprehensive
form, to particular or restricted form; to modify; to
limit; to restrict; to restrain; as, to qualify a
statement, claim, or proposition.

4. Hence, to soften; to abate; to diminish; to assuage; to
reduce the strength of, as liquors.

I do not seek to quench your love's hot fire, But
qualify the fire's extreme rage. --Shak.

5. To soothe; to cure; -- said of persons. [Obs.]

In short space he has them qualified. --Spenser.

Syn: To fit; equip; prepare; adapt; capacitate; enable;
modify; soften; restrict; restrain; temper.

Qual"i*fy, v. i.
1. To be or become qualified; to be fit, as for an office or

2. To obtain legal power or capacity by taking the oath, or
complying with the forms required, on assuming an office.

Synonyms: characterise, characterize, condition, dispose, measure up, modify, restrict, specify, stipulate

Antonyms: disqualify, disqualify, indispose, unfit

See Also: add, answer, capacitate, capacitate, contract, differentiate, distinguish, do, groom, habilitate, judge, label, mark, prepare, pronounce, provide, remember, serve, stamp, suffice, think of, train, undertake

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Famous Quotes Containing Qualify:

I was appalled at the amount of study necessary in order to qualify in medicine, and gradually my desire was blunted by a keener - and secret - wish to become an actor.

-- Conrad Veidt (German Actor)

Today, if you look at financial systems around the globe, more than half the population of the world - out of six billion people, more than three billion - do not qualify to take out a loan from a bank. This is a shame.

-- Muhammad Yunus ( Economist)

I don't know if I would qualify as mainstream. I think I have managed to function pretty successfully on the fringes of the music world and have been able to play exactly what I have wanted the way I have wanted.

-- Pat Metheny (American Musician)

Woman, no less than man, can qualify herself for the more onerous occupations of life.

-- Victoria Woodhull (American Activist)

Just being a Negro doesn't qualify you to understand the race situation any more than being sick makes you an expert on medicine.

-- Dick Gregory (American Comedian)

A State which has universal suffrage and a wide extension of the jury franchise, must qualify the people by education to rightly exercise the great powers with which they are invested.

-- Edmund Barton (Australian Politician)

At the heart of personality is the need to feel a sense of being lovable without having to qualify for that acceptance.

-- Paul Tournier (Swiss Author)

I want to present interesting stories that don't qualify themselves just by virtue of their ethnographic type.

-- Ajay Naidu (American Actor)

I've just been fortunate to havehad a lot of hit records, though Human Wheels doesn't qualify as a hit record-but it's really the best single I've ever had.

-- John Mellencamp (American Musician)

You cannot qualify war in harsher terms than I will.

-- William Tecumseh Sherman ( Soldier)

If you don't meet the standards, then you don't qualify.

-- Harold Ford (American Politician)

Well, there are about 10 million children that aren't covered by health insurance. About 3 million qualify for Medicaid but don't get it, so we're going to reach out and bring more of those kids into the Medicaid program.

-- Franklin Raines (American Businessman)

That said, ID does not qualify as science because it gives us nothing to test or measure. Science requires replicable tests involving measurable variables.

-- Tony Snow (American Journalist)

Not only that - college doesn't particularly qualify you for the outside world. he world is changing so fast, and college is not. It should strive to be more in tune with the world.

-- Kent McCord (American Actor)

It doesn't matter whether I qualify or wildcards.

-- Jennifer Capriati (American Athlete)

I never saw anything that would qualify as a criminal activity.

-- Martin Bashir (British Journalist)

Stewardesses are still paid so little that in many cases, new hires qualify for food stamps.

-- Patricia Ireland (American Activist)

I'm just an individual who doesn't feel that I need to have somebody qualify my work in any particular way. I'm working for me.

-- David Bowie (English Musician)

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