Definitions for: Grownup

[n] a fully developed person from maturity onward
[adj] (of animals) fully developed; "an adult animal"; "a grown woman"

Synonyms: adult, adult, big, full-grown, fully grown, grown, mature

Antonyms: juvenile, juvenile person

See Also: adult body, caregiver, case, catch, centrist, character, conservative, conservativist, disarmer, eccentric, elder, ex-spouse, homebody, host, human, important person, individual, influential person, Jack of all trades, liberal, man of the world, match, middle of the roader, militarist, moderate, moderationist, mortal, old person, oldster, pacificist, pacifist, patrician, person, personage, pledgee, pledger, professional, professional person, progressive, senior, senior citizen, sobersides, somebody, someone, sophisticate, soul, stay-at-home, stoic, thoroughbred, type, unemotional person, warmonger

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