Definitions for: Juvenile

[n] a youthful person
[adj] displaying or suggesting a lack of maturity; "adolescent insecurity"; "jejune responses to our problems"; "their behavior was juvenile"; "puerile jokes"
[adj] of or relating to or characteristic of or appropriate for children; "juvenile diabetes"; "juvenile fashions"

Webster (1913) Definition: Ju"ve*nile (?; 277), a. [L. juvenilis, from juvenis
young; akin to E. young: cf. F. juv['e]nile, juv['e]nil. See
1. Young; youthful; as, a juvenile appearance. ``A juvenile
exercitation.'' --Glanvill.

2. Of or pertaining to youth; as, juvenile sports.

Syn: Puerile; boyish; childish. See Youthful.

Ju"ve*nile, n.
A young person or youth; -- used sportively or familiarly.
--C. Bront['e].

Synonyms: adolescent, immature, jejune, juvenile person, puerile

Antonyms: adult, grownup

See Also: adolescent, child, fry, human, individual, ingenue, juvenile body, kid, minor, mortal, nestling, nipper, person, preteen, preteenager, shaver, small fry, somebody, someone, soul, spring chicken, stripling, teenager, tiddler, tike, tyke, young person, youngster, younker, youth

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