Definitions for: Senior

[n] a person who is older than you are
[n] an undergraduate student during the year preceding graduation
[adj] advanced in years; (`aged' is pronounced as two syllables); "aged members of the society"; "elderly residents could remember the construction of the first skyscraper"; "senior citizen"
[adj] older; higher in rank; longer in length of tenure or service; "senior officer"

Webster (1913) Definition: Sen"ior, a. [L. senior, compar. of senex, gen. senis,
old. See Sir.]
1. More advanced than another in age; prior in age; elder;
hence, more advanced in dignity, rank, or office;
superior; as, senior member; senior counsel.

2. Belonging to the final year of the regular course in
American colleges, or in professional schools.

Sen"ior, n.
1. A person who is older than another; one more advanced in

2. One older in office, or whose entrance upon office was
anterior to that of another; one prior in grade.

3. An aged person; an older. --Dryden.

Each village senior paused to scan, And speak the
lovely caravan. --Emerson.

4. One in the fourth or final year of his collegiate course
at an American college; -- originally called {senior
sophister}; also, one in the last year of the course at a
professional schools or at a seminary.

Synonyms: aged, elder, elder, elderly, higher-ranking, major(ip), old, older, precedential, ranking(a), sr., superior

Antonyms: junior

See Also: adult, dean, doyen, doyenne, grownup, undergrad, undergraduate

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