Definitions for: Zoning

[n] dividing an area into zones or sections reserved for different purposes such as residence and business and manufacturing etc

See Also: city planning, division, partition, partitioning, sectionalisation, sectionalization, segmentation, town planning, urban planning

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Famous Quotes Containing Zoning:

Development in this county is always going to be an issue. Until development and zoning are handled on a regional basis, rather than each municipality left to its own devices, we will suffer from developers having the upper hand in suits and in front of zoning boards.

-- John Murray ( -)

Invite the best and brightest to compete for a grand prize to come up with designs, including new zoning, building codes and so forth, for New Orleans that could make it safe from water, and let the state and city pick the plan that works best for Louisiana.

-- Billy Tauzin (American Politician)

Our community is like many around the country that have, as the gentleman from New York referenced, sophisticated planning and zoning regulations. These are elements that are developed as a result of local community pressure to balance interests.

-- Earl Blumenauer (American Politician)

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