Definitions for: Zealot

[n] a fervent and even militant proponent of something

Webster (1913) Definition: Zeal"ot, n. [F. z['e]lote, L. zelotes, Gr. ?. See
One who is zealous; one who engages warmly in any cause, and
pursues his object with earnestness and ardor; especially,
one who is overzealous, or carried away by his zeal; one
absorbed in devotion to anything; an enthusiast; a fanatical

Zealots for the one [tradition] were in hostile array
against zealots for the other. --Sir J.

In Ayrshire, Clydesdale, Nithisdale, Annandale, every
parish was visited by these turbulent zealots.

Synonyms: partisan

See Also: advocate, advocator, bigot, doctrinaire, dogmatist, exponent, proponent

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Famous Quotes Containing Zealot:

A State infinitely worse than that which the most inflamed Zealot, the most violent Republican or Enthusiast even pretended to dread before the Rebellion commenced.

-- Charles Inglis (Canadian Clergyman)

To attempt the destruction of our passions is the height of folly. What a noble aim is that of the zealot who tortures himself like a madman in order to desire nothing, love nothing, feel nothing, and who, if he succeeded, would end up a complete monster!

-- Denis Diderot (French Editor)

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