Definitions for: Quintet

[n] a musical composition for five performers
[n] five people considered as a unit
[n] a set of five similar things considered as a unit
[n] five performers or singers who perform together
[n] the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one

Webster (1913) Definition: Quin*tet", Quintette Quin*tette", n. [It. quintetto,
dim. of quinto the fifth, a fifth part, from L. quintus the
fifth: cf. F. quintette. See Quint.] (Mus.)
A composition for five voices or instruments; also, the set
of five persons who sing or play five-part music.

Synonyms: 5, cinque, fin, five, fivesome, fivesome, Little Phoebe, pentad, Phoebe, quint, quintette, quintette, quintuplet, V

See Also: assemblage, composition, digit, figure, gathering, musical composition, musical group, musical organisation, musical organization, opus, piece, piece of music, set

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Famous Quotes Containing Quintet:

I'd actually been making my living as an organist with bands since I was probably 15 or 16 years old, and then as a senior in high school I put together a jazz quintet called The Bobby Mack Jazz Quintet.

-- Bobby McFerrin (American Musician)

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