Definitions for: Quintessential

[adj] representing the perfect example of a class or quality

Webster (1913) Definition: Quin`tes*sen"tial, a.
Of the nature of a quintessence; purest. ``Quintessential
extract of mediocrity.'' --G. Eliot.

Famous Quotes Containing Quintessential:

War is not the quintessential emergency in which man has to prove himself, as my generation learned at its school desks in the days of the Kaiser; rather, peace is the emergency in which we all have to prove ourselves.

-- Gustav Heinemann (German Politician)

My personal assessment is that Dr. King is the greatest American we have ever produced. I can argue for Lincoln, I can argue for FDR, but for my money, King is the greatest American we have ever produced. His only weapon was love. He transforms a nation, transforms the world with one weapon and that of course being again the weapon of love. So that for me, King is the quintessential example of everything that I could ever want to be in my lifetime.

-- Tavis Smiley (American Author)

Emigration, forced or chosen, across national frontiers or from village to metropolis, is the quintessential experience of our time.

-- John Berger (English Artist)

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