Definitions for: Qualifying

[n] success in satisfying a test or requirement; "his future depended on his passing that test"; "he got a pass in introductory chemistry"
[n] the grammatical relation that exists when a word qualifies the meaning of the phrase
[adj] (grammar) referring to or qualifying another sentence element; "relative pronoun"; "relative clause"

Synonyms: limiting, modification, pass, passing, relative

Antonyms: failing

See Also: apposition, grammatical relation, restrictiveness, success

Famous Quotes Containing Qualifying:

If a man is going to be an American at all let him be so without any qualifying adjectives, and if he is going to be something else, let him drop the word American from his personal description.

-- Henry Cabot Lodge (American Politician)

We are more casual about qualifying the people we allow to act as advocates in the courtroom than we are about licensing electricians.

-- Warren E. Burger (American Judge)

I am going to miss that time when you take that corner better than anybody else could have taken it on that lap or you do that great qualifying lap or you make that great pass or you bring a crippled car home.

-- Bobby Rahal (American Athlete)

Time will tell how you rate against the rest of the competition. I'll let everyone else worry about championships. I'm going to worry about qualifying at Pomona.

-- Larry Dixon ( -)

The format of the race weekend is also very well thought out. We have enough practice time to get the cars well set-up and have a proper qualifying session where we can do as many laps as we like, which is great for the drivers and spectators.

-- Nigel Mansell (British Athlete)

I make appearance at local park and recreation agencies when the program starts, when they have the qualifying meets at the local levels. Then I try to go to the regional competitions, and of course I'm there in Hershey, Pa., in August for the North American final.

-- Rafer Johnson (American Athlete)

The team which I led to the 1992 European Championship Finals is the only one in the history of the entire competition to have won every single one of its qualifying matches.

-- Michel Patini ( -)

I turned pro and won Rookie of the Year on the South African Tour and then it took me two tries at the qualifying school on the European Tour and to get my card and the rest is history.

-- Retief Goosen (South African Athlete)

We are still confident as a team that we will make it through to the final Cup qualifying round.

-- Cobi Jones (American Athlete)

Qualifying for the second stage would be a successful World Cup for us. I think we can do it.

-- Robbie Keane (Irish Athlete)

It was a pretty wild ride. The race wasn't bad, but qualifying would take your breath.

-- Sterling Marlin (American Athlete)

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