Definitions for: Quaker

[n] a member of the Religious Society of Friends founded by George Fox (the Friends have never called themselves Quakers)
[n] one who quakes and trembles with (or as with) fear

Webster (1913) Definition: Quak"er, n.
1. One who quakes.

2. One of a religious sect founded by George Fox, of
Leicestershire, England, about 1650, -- the members of
which call themselves Friends. They were called Quakers,
originally, in derision. See Friend, n., 4.

Fox's teaching was primarily a preaching of
repentance . . . The trembling among the listening
crowd caused or confirmed the name of Quakers given
to the body; men and women sometimes fell down and
lay struggling as if for life. --Encyc. Brit.

3. (Zo["o]l.)
(a) The nankeen bird.
(b) The sooty albatross.
(c) Any grasshopper or locust of the genus (Edipoda; --
so called from the quaking noise made during flight.

Quaker buttons. (Bot.) See Nux vomica.

Quaker gun, a dummy cannon made of wood or other material;
-- so called because the sect of Friends, or Quakers, hold
to the doctrine, of nonresistance.

Quaker ladies (Bot.), a low American biennial plant
(Houstonia c[ae]rulea), with pretty four-lobed corollas
which are pale blue with a yellowish center; -- also
called bluets, and little innocents.

Synonyms: Friend, trembler

See Also: Christian, coward, Penn, Quakers, Religious Society of Friends, Society of Friends, William Penn

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Famous Quotes Containing Quaker:

I was a catastrophe at Science and Games, but the good thing about Quaker schools is that they encourage you in those subjects for which you show an aptitude.

-- Richard Rodney Bennett (British Composer)

On landing at New York I caught the yellow fever. The kind man who commanded the ship that brought me from France took charge of me and placed me under the care of two Quaker ladies. To their skillful and untiring care I may safely say I owe my life.

-- John James Audubon (American Scientist)

Margaret had close links with Geneva where she had spent some years as a student while her parents had been wardens of the Quaker Hostel there and where she had gone back as secretary to Gilbert Murray.

-- James Meade (English Economist)

My luck is getting worse and worse. Last night, for instance, I was mugged by a quaker.

-- Woody Allen (American Director)

However, I spent most of my time in a Quaker school.

-- Brian De Palma (American Director)

In those days, slavery was not looked upon, even in Quaker Philadelphia, with the shudder and abhorrence one feels towards it now.

-- John Sergeant Wise (American Author)

However, ironically, I was baptized Presbyterian, and went to a Quaker school for twelve years.

-- Brian De Palma (American Director)

My mother was born in your state, Mr. Walter, and my mother was a Quaker, and my ancestors in the time of Washington baked bread for George Washington's troops when they crossed the Delaware, and my own father was a slave.

-- Paul Robeson (American Actor)

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