Definitions for: Justifiably

[adv] with good reason; "he is justifiably bitter"

Synonyms: with reason

Antonyms: inexcusably, unjustifiably

Famous Quotes Containing Justifiably:

I allowed artists to play for as long as they felt they could justifiably continue to create.

-- Norman Granz (American Musician)

All Moroccans are justifiably proud of the development of democratic institutions in Morocco.

-- Donald Evans (American Public Servant)

I don't believe America will justifiably make an unprovoked attack on another nation. It would not be consistent with what we have been as a nation or what we should be as a nation.

-- Dick Armey (American Politician)

Even institutions of State, such as the judiciary, were seriously weakened, to the extent that the citizenry justifiably feared a breakdown in law and order. The business community was hit by a slump in sales and confidence, leading to reduced earnings and loss of jobs.

-- Kamisese Mara (Fijian Statesman)

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