Definitions for: Justifiable

[adj] capable of being justified

Webster (1913) Definition: Jus"ti*fi`a*ble, a. [Cf. F. justifiable. See
Capable of being justified, or shown to be just.

Just are the ways of God, An justifiable to men.

Syn: Defensible; vindicable; warrantable; excusable;
exculpable; authorizable. -- Jus"ti*fi`a*ble*ness, n.
-- Jus"ti*fi`a*bly, adv.

Synonyms: excusable

Famous Quotes Containing Justifiable:

There is no justifiable prediction about how the hypothesis will hold up in the future; its degree of corroboration simply is a historical statement describing how severely the hypothesis has been tested in the past.

-- Robert Nozick (American Philosopher)

An animal experiment cannot be justifiable unless the experiment is so important that the use of a brain-damaged human would be justifiable.

-- Peter Singer (Australian Philosopher)

Inconsistencies of opinion, arising from changes of circumstances, are often justifiable.

-- Daniel Webster (American Statesman)

A pun does not commonly justify a blow in return. But if a blow were given for such cause, and death ensued, the jury would be judges both of the facts and of the pun, and might, if the latter were of an aggravated character, return a verdict of justifiable homicide.

-- Oliver Wendell Holmes (American Writer)

Therefore coercion of the non-invasive, when justifiable at all, is to be justified on the ground that it secures, not a minimum of ' invasion, but a minimum of pain.

-- Benjamin Tucker (American Activist)

Thus, the use of fiat money is more justifiable in financing a depression than in financing a war.

-- Carroll Quigley (American Writer)

There are four kinds of Homicide: felonious, excusable, justifiable, and praiseworthy.

-- Ambrose Bierce (American Journalist)

Every bad precedent originated as a justifiable measure.

-- Sallust (Roman Historian)

There is no scorn more profound, or on the whole more justifiable, than that of the men who make for the men who explain. Exposition, criticism, appreciation, is work for second-rate minds.

-- G. H. Hardy (British Mathematician)

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