Definitions for: Jumbo

[adj] of great mass; huge and bulky; "a jumbo jet"; "jumbo shrimp"

Synonyms: big, elephantine, gargantuan, giant, large

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Famous Quotes Containing Jumbo:

We found that the most exciting environments, that treated people very well, are also tough as nails. There is no bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo... excellent companies provide two things simultaneously: tough environments and very supportive environments.

-- Tom Peters (American Businessman)

Today the people from my State of Tennessee would listen to this debate, or even talk about a reference to God on our money or in the Halls of Congress or in our Pledge and say, please, let common sense and logic win the day and prevail versus legal mumbo jumbo.

-- Zach Wamp (American Politician)

The way I play, I go through a set in a year. So I put '58 Gibson Jumbo Bass frets on all my necks.

-- Stevie Ray Vaughan (American Musician)

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