Definitions for: Judges

[n] a book of the Old Testament that tells the history of Israel under the leaders known as judges

See Also: book, Old Testament

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Famous Quotes Containing Judges:

Having federal officials, whether judges, bureaucrats, or congressmen, impose a new definition of marriage on the people is an act of social engineering profoundly hostile to liberty.

-- Ron Paul (American Politician)

The hungry judges soon the sentence sign, and wretches hang that jurymen may dine.

-- Alexander Pope (English Poet)

In the remaining months, we should focus on achieving more robust international involvement in training of Iraqi soldiers, police officers, judges, teachers, and doctors - all key elements needed to end the sectarian and civil conflict and build Iraq's future.

-- John Olver (American Politician)

The Middle East is literally going up in flames, as is California, and Katrina's problems haven't been solved, and Congress' response is to criticize Federal judges.

-- Alcee Hastings (American Politician)

So we need the same strategy, we need young, aggressive judges to be appointed, and that's what the President has done, but getting them through is the challenge.

-- Jay Alan Sekulow (American Lawyer)

For the first half of this century, High Court judges have been cautious to the point of timidity in expressing any criticism of governmental action; the independence of the judiciary has been of a decidedly subordinate character.

-- Ferdinand Mount (British Writer)

If nuclear power plants are safe, let the commerical insurance industry insure them. Until these most expert judges of risk are willing to gamble with their money, I'm not willing to gamble with the health and safety of my family.

-- Donna Reed (American Actress)

Although the most acute judges of the witches and even the witches themselves, were convinced of the guilt of witchery, the guilt nevertheless was non-existent. It is thus with all guilt.

-- Friedrich Nietzsche (German Philosopher)

What I heard was that Bush is now positioned to have victory after victory. He'll have Social Security reform passed, that he'll have tax reform passed, that he'll have conservative judges on the courts.

-- Pat Robertson (American Clergyman)

The logic is often far-fetched - how does medical marijuana affect interstate commerce? - and some conservatives would like judges to start throwing out federal laws wholesale on commerce clause grounds. The court once again said no thanks.

-- Michael Kinsley (American Journalist)

Violence against judges and threats of violence against Judges is on the rise and it is no laughing matter. When leaders attempt to rationalize this violence, it only makes the problem worse.

-- John Conyers (American Politician)

In Italy the censor is very old and there are many judges and psychiatrists who analyse you.

-- Dario Argento (Italian Director)

When we talk about justice in America we're really talking about justice brought about by the people, not by judges who are tools of the establishment or prosecutors who are are equally tools of the establishment or the wardens or the police officers.

-- William Kunstler (American Activist)

We are the recorders and reporters of facts - not the judges of the behaviors we describe.

-- Alfred Kinsey (American Scientist)

Judges pretty much act independently once they get on the bench so I'm not really sure why Harper's concerned that the court is currently being stacked with a lot of Liberal appointments.

-- Alan Young (English Actor)

I never speak ill of dead people or live judges.

-- Edwin Edwards (American Politician)

Personal experiences affect the facts that judges choose to see.

-- Sonia Sotomayor (American Judge)

Fighters today are much bigger, stronger and quicker and not only that but referees, judges and doctors back then were very strict and if your head got busted up the fight would be stopped.

-- Larry Holmes (American Athlete)

While 45 of the 50 States have either a State constitutional amendment or a statute that preserves the current definition of marriage, left-wing activist judges and officials at the local levels have struck down State laws protecting marriage.

-- John Boehner (American Politician)

All of my judges will want to welcome every child into the world, give them a place at the table.

-- Gary Bauer (American Public Servant)

We need somebody who's got the heart, the empathy, to recognize what it's like to be a young teenage mom, the empathy to understand what it's like to be poor or African-American or gay or disabled or old - and that's the criterion by which I'll be selecting my judges.

-- Barack Obama (American President)

Nevada's one of the most conservative states in the Union, but you can do what you want in Vegas and nobody judges you.

-- Drew Carey (American Actor)

Judges must be free from political intervention or intimidation.

-- Stockwell Day (Canadian Politician)

Half of figure skating is opinion, convincing judges.

-- Scott Hamilton ( Athlete)

The liberals are fighting so hard whenever President Bush appoints any federal judges.

-- Steve Chabot (American Politician)

The more one judges, the less one loves.

-- Honore de Balzac (French Novelist)

The politics of judges is getting to be red hot.

-- Lindsey Graham (American Politician)

Men of genius are not quick judges of character. Deep thinking and high imagining blunt that trivial instinct by which you and I size people up.

-- Max Beerbohm (English Actor)

While teaching, I also worked undercover in the lower courts by saying I was a young law teacher wanting experience in criminal law. The judges were happy to assist me but what I learned was how corrupt the lower courts were. Judges were accepting money right in the courtroom.

-- Samuel Dash (American Lawyer)

Judges are the weakest link in our system of justice, and they are also the most protected.

-- Alan Dershowitz (American Lawyer)

The revision of the books of Judges, Samuel, and Kings, undertaken towards the end of the Babylonian exile, a revision much more thorough than is commonly assumed, condemns as heretical the whole age of the Kings.

-- Julius Wellhausen (German Educator)

Those who made and endorsed our Constitution knew man's nature, and it is to their ideas, rather than to the temptations of utopia, that we must ask that our judges adhere.

-- Robert Bork (American Public Servant)

Judges rule on the basis of law, not public opinion, and they should be totally indifferent to pressures of the times.

-- Warren E. Burger (American Judge)

We do not judge great art. It judges us.

-- Caroline Gordon (American Writer)

It has something to do with the facts and the law and who the judges are. So I think lawyers sometimes exaggerate their role in winning and losing. Lawyers do have a role, and a major role, but they're not the only players in this game.

-- Floyd Abrams (American Lawyer)

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