Definitions for: Journalism

[n] the profession of reporting or photographing or editing news stories for one of the media
[n] newspapers and magazines collectively

Webster (1913) Definition: Jour"nal*ism, n. [Cf. F. journalisme.]
1. The keeping of a journal or diary. [Obs.]

2. The periodical collection and publication of current news;
the business of managing, editing, or writing for,
journals or newspapers; as, political journalism.

Journalism is now truly an estate of the realm.
--Ed. Rev.

Synonyms: fourth estate, news media

See Also: copy, Fleet Street, newspapering, photojournalism, print media, profession, tabloid, yellow journalism

Famous Quotes Containing Journalism:

When I entered politics, I took the only downward turn you could take from journalism.

-- Jim Hightower (American Activist)

Journalism is not just a cause, it's also a wacky profession.

-- David Talbot (American Journalist)

In America journalism is apt to be regarded as an extension of history: in Britain, as an extension of conversation.

-- Anthony Sampson (British Writer)

Journalism is the protection between people and any sort of totalitarian rule. That's why my hero, admittedly a flawed one, is a journalist.

-- Andrew Vachss (American Author)

I keep telling myself to calm down, to take less of an interest in things and not to get so excited, but I still care a lot about liberty, freedom of speech and expression, and fairness in journalism.

-- Kate Adie (British Journalist)

The meat-and-potatoes work of world journalism is performed by the wire service reporters.

-- Bob Greene (American Journalist)

Publishing is a business, but journalism never was and is not essentially a business. Nor is it a profession.

-- Henry R. Luce ( Editor)

And I believe that good journalism, good television, can make our world a better place.

-- Christiane Amanpour (English Journalist)

The biggest problem in rock journalism is that often the writer's main motivation is to become friends with the band. They're not really journalists; they're people who want to be involved in rock and roll.

-- Chuck Klosterman (American Critic)

Before Truman, journalism and non-fiction weren't taken very seriously.

-- Gerald Clarke (Zimbabwean Politician)

I still believe that if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon.

-- Tom Stoppard (English Dramatist)

Journalism's ultimate purpose is to inform the reader, to bring him each day a letter from home and never to permit the serving of special interests.

-- Arthur Ochs Sulzberger (American Publisher)

I don't believe in gutter politics. I don't believe in gutter journalism.

-- Maria Shriver (American Journalist)

At CNN, our view is that good journalism equals good business.

-- Jim Walton (American Businessman)

There is a huge difference between journalism and advertising. Journalism aspires to truth. Advertising is regulated for truth. I'll put the accuracy of the average ad in this country up against the average news story any time.

-- Jef I. Richards ( -)

Journalism is a kind of profession, or craft, or racket, for people who never wanted to grow up and go out into the real world.

-- Harry Reasoner (American Journalist)

As electronic journalism came to be evaluated for its cost effectiveness, the network world began breaking up.

-- Roger Mudd (American Journalist)

Surely the glory of journalism is its transience.

-- Malcolm Muggeridge (British Journalist)

There were influences in my life that were more important than journalism, such as comic strips and radio.

-- Guillermo Cabrera Infante (Cuban Novelist)

I suggest that what we want to do is not to leave to posterity a great institution, but to leave behind a great tradition of journalism ably practiced in our time.

-- Henry R. Luce ( Editor)

Journalism allows its readers to witness history; fiction gives its readers an opportunity to live it.

-- John Hersey (American Writer)

Laziness has become the chief characteristic of journalism, displacing incompetence.

-- Kingsley Amis (English Novelist)

Speaking generally, people who are drawn to journalism are interested in what happens from the ground up less than they are from the top down.

-- Tom Brokaw (American Journalist)

Confrontation is not a dirty word. Sometimes it's the best kind of journalism as long you don't confront people just for the sake of a confrontation.

-- Don Hewitt (American Producer)

Journalism: an ability to meet the challenge of filling the space.

-- Rebecca West (Irish Author)

The nature of journalism has been the enemy of idealism and the source of cynicism among American reporters and editors throughout our history.

-- Richard Harwood ( -)

Freedom of the press is not questioned when investigative journalism unearths scandals, But that does not mean that every classified state document should be made available to journalists.

-- Otto Schily (German Public Servant)

Most magazines have become wallpaper, they're all the same, all the same celebrities. It's really an abysmal time in American journalism right now. But occasionally one story or two will pop out.

-- David Talbot (American Journalist)

Journalism is popular, but it is popular mainly as fiction. Life is one world, and life seen in the newspapers is another.

-- Gilbert K. Chesterton (English Writer)

I obviously prefer writing novels but I take my journalism very seriously, and I enjoy doing it between novels. It gives me an opportunity to move in the outside world.

-- Mordecai Richler (Canadian Novelist)

For many years I was engaged in journalism, writing articles and chronicles for the daily press without ever joining the staff of any newspaper.

-- Johannes Vilhelm Jensen (Danish Author)

I've created a vocabulary of different styles. I draw from many different ways to take a picture. Sometimes I go back to reportage, to journalism.

-- Annie Leibovitz (American Photographer)

Good journalism, I think, represents life and if you try to organize something too neatly it usually blows up in your face and doesn't really happen the way you want it to.

-- John Pomfret ( Poet)

Journalism will kill you, but it will keep you alive while you're at it.

-- Horace Greeley (American Editor)

Internet journalism is not a world we know very well at all. It's conducted more on the screen and less in bars, which makes it rather less useful for getting stories about people throwing up over one another, which is what one's after.

-- Ian Hislop (Welsh Editor)

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