Definitions for: Journalism

[n] the profession of reporting or photographing or editing news stories for one of the media
[n] newspapers and magazines collectively

Webster (1913) Definition: Jour"nal*ism, n. [Cf. F. journalisme.]
1. The keeping of a journal or diary. [Obs.]

2. The periodical collection and publication of current news;
the business of managing, editing, or writing for,
journals or newspapers; as, political journalism.

Journalism is now truly an estate of the realm.
--Ed. Rev.

Synonyms: fourth estate, news media

See Also: copy, Fleet Street, newspapering, photojournalism, print media, profession, tabloid, yellow journalism

Famous Quotes Containing Journalism:

The only school that let me in was U.C. Santa Cruz, which is where I went. They didn't have a journalism program, so I took sociology, which is the closest thing to journalism.

-- David Talbot (American Journalist)

I think people should be consumers of journalism.

-- Andrew Vachss (American Author)

I recognize that I had a good deal of good luck in my life. I came along at a time when it was pretty easy to get a job in journalism. I went to work at CBS News when I was about 22, and within a year or so was reporting on the air.

-- Charles Kuralt (American Journalist)

Journalism is concerned with events, poetry with feelings. Journalism is concerned with the look of the world, poetry with the feel of the world.

-- Archibald MacLeish (American Poet)

I'm not in the judgment part of journalism.

-- Jim Lehrer (American Journalist)

In journalism it is simpler to sound off than it is to find out. It is more elegant to pontificate than it is to sweat.

-- Harold Evans (British Journalist)

Surely the glory of journalism is its transience.

-- Malcolm Muggeridge (British Journalist)

I suggest that what we want to do is not to leave to posterity a great institution, but to leave behind a great tradition of journalism ably practiced in our time.

-- Henry R. Luce ( Editor)

There were influences in my life that were more important than journalism, such as comic strips and radio.

-- Guillermo Cabrera Infante (Cuban Novelist)

In any event, the proper question isn't what a journalist thinks is relevant but what his or her audience thinks is relevant. Denying people information they would find useful because you think they shouldn't find it useful is censorship, not journalism.

-- Michael Kinsley (American Journalist)

All of journalism is a shrinking art. So much of it is hype. The O.J. Simpson story is a landmark in the decline of journalism.

-- Dick Schaap (American Journalist)

If anyone was talking about journalism in the '50s - it was Edward R.Murrow.

-- David Strathairn (American Actor)

I expected to go into journalism or law.

-- Christie Hefner (American Businessman)

Journalism: A profession whose business is to explain to others what it personally does not understand.

-- Lord Northcliffe (British Publisher)

There is a long-standing tradition in the mainstream press of middle-of-the-road journalism that is objective and fair. I would hate to see that fall victim to a panic about the Fox effect.

-- Andrew Heyward (American Businessman)

Confrontation is not a dirty word. Sometimes it's the best kind of journalism as long you don't confront people just for the sake of a confrontation.

-- Don Hewitt (American Producer)

My favorite thing is still journalism. I'm almost 50. This has been my life ever since I was in college.

-- David Talbot (American Journalist)

One of the sad things about contemporary journalism is that it actually matters very little. The world now is almost inured to the power of journalism. The best journalism would manage to outrage people. And people are less and less inclined to outrage.

-- David Simon (American Author)

As I said, I had no publisher for What a Carve Up! while I was writing it, so all we had to live off was my wife's money and little bits I was picking up for journalism.

-- Jonathan Coe (English Novelist)

Good journalism, I think, represents life and if you try to organize something too neatly it usually blows up in your face and doesn't really happen the way you want it to.

-- John Pomfret ( Poet)

Before Truman, journalism and non-fiction weren't taken very seriously.

-- Gerald Clarke (Zimbabwean Politician)

When I entered politics, I took the only downward turn you could take from journalism.

-- Jim Hightower (American Activist)

Journalism will kill you, but it will keep you alive while you're at it.

-- Horace Greeley (American Editor)

I'm saying that the WMD reporting was not consciously evil. It was bad journalism, even very bad journalism.

-- Daniel Okrent (American Editor)

I think almost every newspaper in the United States has lost circulation due to the Internet. I also think the Internet will lead to a lot of plagiarism in journalism.

-- Will McDonough (American Writer)

I've created a vocabulary of different styles. I draw from many different ways to take a picture. Sometimes I go back to reportage, to journalism.

-- Annie Leibovitz (American Photographer)

Objective journalism and an opinion column are about as similar as the Bible and Playboy magazine.

-- Walter Cronkite (American Journalist)

Journalism is in fact history on the run.

-- Thomas Griffith (American Editor)

Most magazines have become wallpaper, they're all the same, all the same celebrities. It's really an abysmal time in American journalism right now. But occasionally one story or two will pop out.

-- David Talbot (American Journalist)

Journalism is popular, but it is popular mainly as fiction. Life is one world, and life seen in the newspapers is another.

-- Gilbert K. Chesterton (English Writer)

The big journals and Nobel laureates are the equivalent of Congressional leaders in science journalism.

-- Michael Pollan (American Educator)

Screenplays I didn't really care about, journalism, travel books, getting my writer friends to write about their dreams or something. I just determined to write the books I had to write.

-- Kazuo Ishiguro (Japanese Author)

David Brinkley was an icon of modern broadcast journalism, a brilliant writer who could say in a few words what the country needed to hear during times of crisis, tragedy and triumph.

-- Tom Brokaw (American Journalist)

As I went to college, I went into radio and television. Now I suppose most people think that's one step ahead of basket weaving as a major in college, but it was part of the journalism department.

-- Sam Donaldson (American Journalist)

It's all storytelling, you know. That's what journalism is all about.

-- Tom Brokaw (American Journalist)

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