Definitions for: Jordan

[n] an Arab kingdom in southwestern Asia on the Red Sea
[n] a river in Palestine that empties into the Dead Sea; John the Baptist baptized Jesus in the Jordan

Webster (1913) Definition: Jor"dan, Jorden Jor"den, n. [Prob. fr. the river
Jordan, and shortened fr. Jordan bottle a bottle of water
from the Jordan, brought back by pilgrims.]
1. A pot or vessel with a large neck, formerly used by
physicians and alchemists. [Obs.] --Halliwell.

2. A chamber pot. [Obs.] --Chaucer. Shak.

Synonyms: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

See Also: Akaba, Amman, Aqaba, Arab League, Asia, Asian country, Asian nation, Az Zarqa, capital of Jordan, Dead Sea, Israel, Jericho, Jordan, Jordan River, Jordanian, Middle East, Near East, river, Sion, State of Israel, Yisrael, Zarqa, Zion

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Famous Quotes Containing Jordan:

The people at the top of the league think they need to rein me in so I don't become another Michael Jordan, somebody they aren't able to mold and shape and make their puppet.

-- Dennis Rodman (American Athlete)

Michael Jordan always wore his Carolina shorts under his Bulls' uniform.

-- Lorrie Fair (American Athlete)

I dont want to be the next Michael Jordan, I only want to be Kobe Bryant.

-- Kobe Bryant (American Athlete)

You can set up whatever negotiations or structure you want, but until the Palestinians are willing to accept the fact, as the majority of Israelis do, that there should be two states between the Jordan and the Mediterranean, we won't have peace.

-- Charles Schumer (American Politician)

I think the NBA will certainly survive without Michael Jordan.

-- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (American Athlete)

Michael Jordan was a tremendous basketball player.

-- Lee Trevino (American Athlete)

That's what I like about Neil Jordan's films: everyone is better at what they do than you are.

-- Ian Hart (English Actor)

And besides, because of all she has accomplished, Barbara Jordan has always been a hero of mine.

-- Tom Selleck (American Actor)

Eddie Murphy was the Michael Jordan of comedy. He had a full range of abilities.

-- Aries Spears (American Actor)

You can't explain much in 60 seconds, but when you show Michael Jordan, you don't have to. It's that simple.

-- Phil Knight (American Businessman)

If somebody says no to you, or if you get cut, Michael Jordan was cut his first year, but he came back and he was the best ever. That is what you have to have. The attitude that I'm going to show everybody, I'm going to work hard to get better and better.

-- Magic Johnson (American Athlete)

I have to say that when I was young, when any politician was talking I wasn't even interested. Maybe they were saying some nice stuff, but then if you put Michael Jordan on TV, I was interested!

-- Thierry Henry (French Athlete)

I think there is a special bond between Carolina athletes. A lot of people seem to wear our gear because it is fashionable. They love the colors. It's Michael Jordan's school!

-- Lorrie Fair (American Athlete)

Yeah, see, my view of Jordan is that he doesn't belong to Washington.

-- Michael Wilbon (American Journalist)

Eddie Jordan found me all the drives. If I am with Tyrrell today, it is because Eddie was there.

-- Jean Alesi (French Celebrity)

Robert Jordan, whether he's writing with passion or not, I don't know.

-- Terri Windling ( Artist)

I very rarely saw Tom Kite around. I've talked to Tom about it. I don't think Michael Jordan needed to be on the captain's cart with Kite; he needed to be walking in the gallery, supporting them from outside the ropes.

-- Payne Stewart (American Athlete)

I want to say a simple thing, that the dividing line exists not between Jordan and Israel, but between the proponents of peace and the opponents of peace.

-- King Hussein I (Jordanian Statesman)

John the Baptist, who we are told was related by blood to Jesus, was preaching the impending judgement of God, urging repentance and moral reform, and baptizing in the Jordan River those who responded.

-- Kenneth Scott Latourette (American Historian)

To put it another way, Michael Jordan was a gym rat.

-- Frank Shorter (American Athlete)

In 1988, King Hussein of Jordan said that it doesn't take any connection any more to those territories, and he would like to split from those territories. So according to the international law, it doesn't belong to anyone.

-- Silvan Shalom (Israeli Politician)

If you look up the definition of greatness in the dictionary, it will say Michael Jordan.

-- Elgin Baylor (American Athlete)

Jordan has a strange, haunting beauty and a sense of timelessness. Dotted with the ruins of empires once great, it is the last resort of yesterday in the world of tomorrow. I love every inch of it.

-- King Hussein I (Jordanian Statesman)

I want to do for rebounds what Michael Jordan did for dunks.

-- Dennis Rodman (American Athlete)

Michael Jordan and Magic and myself all learned how to play the game in college programs that emphasized the team.

-- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (American Athlete)

I've always thought that if Israel really wanted to solve the problem, they'd just start tomorrow and push right to the Jordan River, and anything in their way goes. They don't need America or someone else to help.

-- Bruce Dern (American Actor)

Look at what the Omar of Qatar is doing, for example - the King of Morocco, Jordan, Bahrain. There are reform movements taking place, efforts to broaden the political participation of the populations of the region.

-- Frank Carlucci (American Politician)

I did not choose necessarily on the basis of significance. If you have a vote for the most significant athlete, then you have Ali, then you have Babe Ruth, then you have Michael Jordan.

-- Dick Schaap (American Journalist)

For example, Michael Jordan earns $100million a year but continues to play basketball and remains a modest human being.

-- Franz Beckenbauer (German Athlete)

I may be known as the girl who was sunbathing topless with a Prince but Jordan is known as that thick girl who always falls out of clubs drunk. I know which one I prefer.

-- Jenny Frost (British Musician)

As brilliant an individual that Michael Jordan was, he was not successful until he got with a good team unit.

-- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (American Athlete)

The attacks in Jordan, just like those before it in Indonesia, Egypt, Spain and the United States, demonstrate that terrorism does not discriminate by race, ethnicity or region. Instead, terrorists indiscriminately target those seeking to live a peaceful, loving and free life.

-- Allyson Schwartz (American Politician)

I believe that Palestine is an occupied land from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River, and this is the right of the entire Palestinian people, this land.

-- Hassan Nasrallah (Lebanese Revolutionary)

Jordan seeks to play only one role, that of a model state. It is our aim to set an example for our Arab brethren, not one that they need follow but one that will inspire them to seek a higher, happier destiny within their own borders.

-- King Hussein I (Jordanian Statesman)

Well, unless you're Wayne Gretzky or Michael Jordan, you need the full support of your team.

-- Greg Louganis (American Athlete)

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