Definitions for: Joking

[adj] characterized by jokes and good humor

Synonyms: humorous, humourous, jesting, jocose, jocular

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Famous Quotes Containing Joking:

And I'm walking along and we're laughing, kidding, joking, and see he understood the leader, the one we called the leader, had some knowledge of English, although limited.

-- Betty Hill (American Celebrity)

But enough joking. I am singing. This is all my life.

-- Placido Domingo (Spanish Musician)

My way of joking is to tell the truth. That's the funniest joke in the world.

-- Muhammad Ali (American Athlete)

You may have read that I went to M.I.T. In 1982 I filled out a Who's Who survey with joking responses, and they never bothered to check the facts.

-- Chevy Chase (American Comedian)

The joke that I make is that there are instances on the TV series that happen to me, - except on Sex and the City they always make it better or worse than real life and I am actually saying that in a joking way.

-- Candace Bushnell (American Writer)

My joking answer to this question is that I leave a bowl of milk out on the back porch every night for the Idea Fairy. In the morning, the milk is gone and there's a brand-new shiny idea by the bowl.

-- Sarah Zettel (American Author)

I try to visit people in hospitals when I can, smiling and joking while I'm there. But when I leave, I just start crying.

-- Loretta Lynn (American Musician)

I like working solo and it was a lot of fun joking around with the audience, saying things. I'm only just learning how to do certain things.

-- Art Garfunkel (American Musician)

Life is too short not to do a little practical joking.

-- Krista Allen (American Actress)

I flew into New York for the Raising Arizona audition, and we just started joking around.

-- John Goodman (American Actor)

Elton wanted a garden. They were building all afternoon while we were rehearsing. And then they built a fountain for Elton. And he said, I was only joking!

-- Maurice Gibb (Australian Musician)

I'm not joking around when I've said occasionally, trying to learn how to play a D chord properly has been a very big thing for me.

-- Lou Reed (American Musician)

I am always joking and always clowning, giving and helping.

-- Red Buttons (American Comedian)

We would make songs, and the producers said we should play it for my dad. I was kind of scared, I didn't know what to think cuz we were just joking around.

-- Lil' Romeo (American Musician)

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