Definitions for: Jacket

[n] a short coat
[n] an outer wrapping or casing; "phonograph records were sold in cardboard jackets"
[n] the tough metal shell casing for certain kinds of ammunition
[n] (dentistry) an artificial crown fitted over a broken or decayed tooth
[n] the outer skin of a potato
[v] put a jacket on
[v] provide with a thermally non-conducting cover; "The tubing needs to be jacketed"

Webster (1913) Definition: Jack"et, n. [F. jaquette, dim. of jaque. See 3d Jack,
1. A short upper garment, extending downward to the hips; a
short coat without skirts.

2. An outer covering for anything, esp. a covering of some
nonconducting material such as wood or felt, used to
prevent radiation of heat, as from a steam boiler,
cylinder, pipe, etc.

3. (Mil.) In ordnance, a strengthening band surrounding and
re["e]nforcing the tube in which the charge is fired.

4. A garment resembling a waistcoat lined with cork, to serve
as a life preserver; -- called also cork jacket.

Blue jacket. (Naut.) See under Blue.

Steam jacket, a space filled with steam between an inner
and an outer cylinder, or between a casing and a
receptacle, as a kettle.

To dust one's jacket, to give one a beating. [Colloq.]

Jack"et, v. t.
1. To put a jacket on; to furnish, as a boiler, with a

2. To thrash; to beat. [Low]

Synonyms: jacket crown

See Also: anorak, apparel, banian, banyan, bed jacket, blazer, bolero, bomber jacket, book jacket, bush jacket, case, casing, clothe, coat, cover, crown, dolman, dolman jacket, donkey jacket, double-breasted jacket, doublet, dress, dressing sack, dressing sacque, dust cover, dust jacket, dust wrapper, enclothe, Eton jacket, fit out, garb, garment, habilitate, hug-me-tight, Irish potato, jerkin, jumper, lounging jacket, lumber jacket, lumberjack, Mao jacket, mess jacket, monkey jacket, morning coat, murphy, Norfolk jacket, parka, pea jacket, peacoat, peel, potato, raiment, record jacket, sack, sacque, shell, shell jacket, single-breasted jacket, skin, smoking jacket, sport coat, sport jacket, sports coat, sports jacket, spud, swallowtail, swallow-tailed coat, tater, tog, white potato, windbreaker, windcheater, wrap, wrapper, wrapping

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Famous Quotes Containing Jacket:

I kept having chills. This was in the middle of the summer and I was wearing a sheepskin jacket and I was chilling. I was shaking all over.

-- Dick York (American Actor)

Tech Jacket shares the same tone as Invincible, but the subject matter is very different. Where Invincible is about perfection, Tech Jacket is about flaws.

-- Robert Kirkman (American Writer)

My girlfriend bought me a down jacket, she said it fit my personality.

-- Jay London (American Comedian)

These thieves defend themselves by saying, 'I was there all the time, and the officials missed me.' Favorite excuses for missing surveillance checkpoints: jacket covered the number took off the shirt with the number hidden in a crowd.

-- Joe Henderson (American Athlete)

So I moved to Europe and only came back when directors like Robert Altman would call me after they'd seen my work in Full Metal Jacket.

-- Vincent D'Onofrio (American Actor)

There were loads of plays which were very popular before and after the war, where everybody wore a dinner jacket in the third act and it was in a house that you wished you'd owned with people that you wish you knew. It was life seen through a very privileged way.

-- Timothy West (British Actor)

I couldn't deal with playing a character who rides motorcycles and has a leather jacket and is a tough kid, y'know?

-- Leonardo DiCaprio ( Actor)

If I can raise more money for charities, or get more Canadian kids to play golf, the green jacket will mean even more.

-- Mike Weir (Canadian Athlete)

A torn jacket is soon mended; but hard words bruise the heart of a child.

-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (American Poet)

I pretty much grew up when punk was big in the UK. The Sex Pistols were heroes for me. I used to run around like Johnny Rotten. I had a jacket like his.

-- Gavin Rossdale (British Musician)

And whenever I'm in a situation where I'm wearing the same as 600 other people and doing the same thing as 600 other people, looking back, I always found ways to make myself different, whether it be having a red lining inside of my jacket, having red shoes, it hasn't changed.

-- Jeremy Irons (English Actor)

As you know, I'm androgynous. I can wear a jacket that most guys wouldn't put on. But you make it in guys' sizes, and suddenly they're wearing them. I think styles should get back to getting people to wear things that look so good that they don't care.

-- Steven Tyler (American Musician)

Up until about 12 years ago we never, ever, wore flak jacket or helmets but now the nastiness has got worse.

-- Kate Adie (British Journalist)

I wore a woman's antique fur jacket to my high school junior prom.

-- Lance Loud (American Actor)

In the first debate the bulges create the impression of a letter T with a small feature which appears similar to a wire under the jacket running upward from the right.

-- Robert Nelson (Canadian Politician)

I'm a Hollywood writer, so I put on my sports jacket and take off my brain.

-- Ben Hecht (American Mathematician)

Nixon is finding out there are no tails on an Eisenhower jacket.

-- Adlai E. Stevenson (American Politician)

A jacket commemorating the Germans as champions of the 1990 World Cup is out of date two weeks after the event has passed.

-- Thomas Harrison (English -)

In the second and third debates the jacket has a generally padded shape across a large part of the entire back which tapers inward toward the spine in a downward direction.

-- Robert Nelson (Canadian Politician)

Language fits over experience like a straight-jacket.

-- William Golding (English Novelist)

The clue to book jacket photography is to look friendly and approachable, but not too glamorous.

-- Antonia Fraser (British Author)

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