Definitions for: Robbery

[n] larceny by threat of violence
[n] plundering during riots or in wartime

Webster (1913) Definition: Rob"ber*y, n.; pl. Robberies. [OF. roberie.]
1. The act or practice of robbing; theft.

Thieves for their robbery have authority When judges
steal themselves. --Shak.

2. (Law) The crime of robbing. See Rob, v. t., 2.

Note: Robbery, in a strict sense, differs from theft, as it
is effected by force or intimidation, whereas theft is
committed by stealth, or privately.

Syn: Theft; depredation; spoliation; despoliation;
despoilment; plunder; pillage; rapine; larceny;
freebooting; piracy.

Synonyms: looting

See Also: armed robbery, buccaneering, caper, dacoity, dakoity, heist, highjacking, hijacking, holdup, job, larceny, pillage, pillaging, piracy, plundering, rip-off, rolling, stealing, stickup, theft, thievery, thieving

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