Definitions for: Caper

[n] gay or light-hearted recreational activity for diversion or amusement; "it was all done in play"; "their frolic in the surf threatened to become ugly"
[n] a ludicrous or grotesque act done for fun and amusement
[n] a crime (especially a robbery); "the gang pulled off a bank job in St. Louis"
[n] pickled flower buds used as a pungent relish in various dishes and sauces
[n] any of numerous plants of the genus Capparis
[v] jump about playfully

Webster (1913) Definition: Ca"per, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Capered p. pr. & vb. n.
capering.] [From older capreoll to caper, cf. F. se cabrer
to prance; all ultimately fr. L. caper, capra, goat. See
To leap or jump about in a sprightly manner; to cut capers;
to skip; to spring; to prance; to dance.

He capers, he dances, he has eyes of youth. --Shak.

Ca"per, n.
A frolicsome leap or spring; a skip; a jump, as in mirth or
dancing; a prank.

To cut a caper, to frolic; to make a sportive spring; to
play a prank. --Shak.

Ca"per, n. [D. kaper.]
A vessel formerly used by the Dutch, privateer. --Wright.

Ca"per, n. [F. c[^a]pre, fr. L. capparis, Gr. ?; cf. Ar.
& Per. al-kabar.]
1. The pungent grayish green flower bud of the European and
Oriental caper (Capparis spinosa), much used for

2. (Bot.) A plant of the genus Capparis; -- called also
caper bush, caper tree.

Note: The Capparis spinosa is a low prickly shrub of the
Mediterranean coasts, with trailing branches and
brilliant flowers; -- cultivated in the south of Europe
for its buds. The C. sodada is an almost leafless
spiny shrub of central Africa (Soudan), Arabia, and
southern India, with edible berries.

Bean caper. See Bran caper, in the Vocabulary.

Caper sauce, a kind of sauce or catchup made of capers.

Synonyms: antic, frolic, gambol, job, joke, play, prank, put-on, romp, trick

See Also: bay-leaved caper, bound, bush, caper tree, Capparis, Capparis arborea, Capparis cynophallophora, Capparis flexuosa, Capparis mitchellii, Capparis spinosa, Capparis spinosa, common caper, common caper, coquetry, dalliance, dirty trick, diversion, flirt, flirtation, flirting, folly, foolery, genus Capparis, horseplay, indulgence, Jamaica caper tree, jump, leap, native orange, native pomegranate, pickle, practical joke, recreation, robbery, shrub, spring, teasing, tomfoolery, toying, word play

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