Definitions for: Peri

[n] (Persian folklore) a supernatural being descended from fallen angels and excluded from paradise until penance is done
[n] a beautiful and graceful girl

Webster (1913) Definition: Per"i- [Gr. ?, prep.]
A prefix used to signify around, by, near, over, beyond, or
to give an intensive sense; as, perimeter, the measure
around; perigee, point near the earth; periergy, work beyond
what is needed; perispherical, quite spherical.

Pe"ri, n.; pl. Peris. [Per. per[=i] a female genus, a
fairy.] (Persian Myth.)
An imaginary being, male or female, like an elf or fairy,
represented as a descendant of fallen angels, excluded from
paradise till penance is accomplished. --Moore.

See Also: disembodied spirit, fille, girl, miss, missy, spirit, young lady, young woman

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