Definitions for: Missy

[n] a young woman; "a young lady of 18"

Webster (1913) Definition: Mis"sy, n. (Min.)
See Misy.

Mis"sy, n.
An affectionate, or contemptuous, form of miss; a young girl;
a miss. -- a. Like a miss, or girl.

Synonyms: fille, girl, miss, young lady, young woman

See Also: adult female, baby, bachelor girl, belle, bimbo, bird, chick, colleen, dame, doll, flapper, gal, Gibson girl, hoyden, jeune fille, lass, lassie, maid, maiden, May queen, mill-girl, party girl, peri, queen of the May, romp, rosebud, shop girl, sister, skirt, soubrette, sweater girl, tomboy, wench, woman, working girl, young girl

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