Definitions for: Elegant

[adj] refined or imposing in manner or appearance; befitting a royal court; "a courtly gentleman"
[adj] refined and tasteful in appearance or behavior or style; "elegant handwriting"; "an elegant dark suit"; "she was elegant to her fingertips"; "small churches with elegant white spires"; "an elegant mathematical solution--simple and precise and lucid"
[adj] of seemingly effortless beauty in form or proportion
[adj] suggesting taste, ease, and wealth

Webster (1913) Definition: El"e*gant, a. [L. elegans, -antis; akin to eligere to
pick out, choose, select: cf. F. ['e]l['e]gant. See Elect.]
1. Very choice, and hence, pleasing to good taste;
characterized by grace, propriety, and refinement, and the
absence of every thing offensive; exciting admiration and
approbation by symmetry, completeness, freedom from
blemish, and the like; graceful; tasteful and highly
attractive; as, elegant manners; elegant style of
composition; an elegant speaker; an elegant structure.

A more diligent cultivation of elegant literature.

2. Exercising a nice choice; discriminating beauty or
sensitive to beauty; as, elegant taste.

Syn: Tasteful; polished; graceful; refined; comely; handsome;
richly ornamental.

Synonyms: bijou, courtly, dandified, dandyish, de luxe, deluxe, dignified, exquisite, fine, foppish, formal, gracious, high-class, high-toned, luxe, luxury(a), neat, recherche, refined, ritzy, soigne, soignee, stately, tasteful

Antonyms: inelegant

See Also: graceful, in good taste(p), sophisticated

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