Definitions for: Stately

[adj] refined or imposing in manner or appearance; befitting a royal court; "a courtly gentleman"
[adj] impressive in appearance; "a baronial mansion"; "an imposing residence"; "a noble tree"; "severe-looking policemen sat astride noble horses"; "stately columns"
[adj] of size and dignity suggestive of a statue

Webster (1913) Definition: State"ly, a. [Compar. Statelier; superl.
Evincing state or dignity; lofty; majestic; grand; as,
statelymanners; a stately gait. ``The stately homes of
England!'' --Mrs. Hemans. ``Filled with stately temples.''

Here is a stately style indeed! --Shak.

Syn: Lofty; dignified; majestic; grand; august; magnificent.

State"ly, adv.
Majestically; loftily. --Milton.

Synonyms: baronial, courtly, dignified, elegant, formal, imposing, impressive, noble, statuesque, tall

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