Definitions for: Containerful


See Also: armful, bag, bagful, barnful, barrel, barrelful, barrow, barrowful, basin, basinful, basket, basketful, bin, binful, bottle, bottleful, bowl, bowlful, box, boxful, bucket, bucketful, can, canful, capful, carful, cartload, carton, cartonful, case, caseful, cask, caskful, crate, crateful, cup, cupful, dessertspoon, dessertspoonful, dish, dishful, dustpan, dustpanful, fistful, flask, flaskful, glass, glassful, handful, hatful, headful, houseful, indefinite quantity, jar, jarful, jug, jugful, keg, kegful, kettle, kettleful, lapful, mouthful, mug, mugful, pail, pailful, pipeful, pitcher, pitcherful, plate, plateful, pocketful, pot, potful, roomful, sack, sackful, scoop, scoopful, shelfful, shoeful, shovel, shovelful, skepful, spadeful, spoon, spoonful, tablespoon, tablespoonful, tank, tankful, teacup, teacupful

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