Definitions for: Spoon

[n] a piece of cutlery with a shallow bowl-shaped container and a handle; used to stir or serve or take up food
[n] formerly a golfing wood with an elevated face
[n] as much as a spoon will hold; "he added two spoons of sugar"
[v] cuddling and kissing
[v] scoop up or take up with a spoon; "spoon the sauce over the roast"

Webster (1913) Definition: Spoon, n. (Golf)
A wooden club with a lofted face. --Encyc. of Sport.

Spoon, v. t.
1. (Fishing) To catch by fishing with a spoon bait.

He had with him all the tackle necessary for
spooning pike. --Mrs. Humphry

2. In croquet, golf, etc., to push or shove (a ball) with a
lifting motion, instead of striking with an audible knock.

Spoon, v. i.
1. To fish with a spoon bait.

2. In croquet, golf, etc., to spoon a ball.

Spoon (sp[=oo]n), v. i. (Naut.)
See Spoom. [Obs.]

We might have spooned before the wind as well as they.

Spoon, n. [OE. spon, AS. sp[=o]n, a chip; akin to D.
spaan, G. span, Dan. spaan, Sw. sp[*a]n, Icel. sp['a]nn,
sp['o]nn, a chip, a spoon. [root]170. Cf. Span-new.]
1. An implement consisting of a small bowl (usually a shallow
oval) with a handle, used especially in preparing or
eating food.

``Therefore behoveth him a full long spoon That
shall eat with a fiend,'' thus heard I say.

He must have a long spoon that must eat with the
devil. --Shak.

2. Anything which resembles a spoon in shape; esp. (Fishing),
a spoon bait.

3. Fig.: A simpleton; a spooney. [Slang] --Hood.

Spoon bait (Fishing), a lure used in trolling, consisting
of a glistening metallic plate shaped like the bowl of a
spoon with a fishhook attached.

Spoon bit, a bit for boring, hollowed or furrowed along one

Spoon net, a net for landing fish.

Spoon oar. see under Oar.

Spoon, v. t.
To take up in, or as in, a spoon.

Spoon, v. i.
To act with demonstrative or foolish fondness, as one in
love. [Colloq.]

Synonyms: smooch, snog, spoonful

See Also: container, containerful, cutlery, dessert spoon, eating utensil, immerse, make out, neck, plunge, remove, runcible spoon, soup spoon, soupspoon, sugar shell, sugar spoon, tablespoon, take, take away, tea maker, teaspoon, withdraw, wood, wooden spoon

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