Definitions for: Zonal

[adj] associated with or divided into zones; "a zonal pattern of cell structure"; "zonal division"
[adj] relating to or of the nature of a zone; "the zonal frontier"

Webster (1913) Definition: Zon"al, a. [L. zonalis.]
Of or pertaining to a zone; having the form of a zone or

Zonal equation (Crystallog.), the mathematical relation
which belongs to all the planes of a zone, and expresses
their common position with reference to the axes.

Zonal structure (Crystallog.), a structure characterized by
the arrangements of color, inclusions, etc., of a crystal
in parallel or concentric layers, which usually follow the
outline of the crystal, and mark the changes that have
taken place during its growth.

Zonal symmetry. (Biol.) See the Note under Symmetry.

Synonyms: zonary, zonary

Antonyms: azonal

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