Definitions for: Yowl

[n] a very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal); "his bellow filled the hallway"
[v] utter shrieks, as of cats
[v] cry loudly, as of animals; "The coyotes were howling in the desert"

Webster (1913) Definition: Yowl, v. i. [See Yawl, v. i.]
To utter a loud, long, and mournful cry, as a dog; to howl;
to yell.

Yowl, n.
A loud, protracted, and mournful cry, as that of a dog; a

Synonyms: bellow, bellowing, caterwaul, holla, holler, hollering, hollo, holloa, howl, roar, roaring, wrawl, yammer

See Also: call, cry, emit, let loose, let out, outcry, pipe, pipe up, screech, shout, shriek, shrill, utter, vociferation, yell

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