Definitions for: Yellowwood

[n] any of various trees having yellowish wood or yielding a yellow extract
[n] yellow-colored wood of any of various yellowwood trees

Webster (1913) Definition: Yel"low*wood`, n. (Bot.)
The wood of any one of several different kinds of trees;
also, any one of the trees themselves. Among the trees so
called are the Cladrastis tinctoria, an American leguminous
tree; the several species of prickly ash (Xanthoxylum); the
Australian Flindersia Oxleyana, a tree related to the
mahogany; certain South African species of Podocarpus,
trees related to the yew; the East Indian {Podocarpus
latifolia}; and the true satinwood (Chloroxylon Swietenia).
All these Old World trees furnish valuable timber.

Synonyms: yellowwood tree

See Also: angiospermous yellowwood, gymnospermous yellowwood, tree, wood, yellowwood

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