Definitions for: Yawl

[n] a sailing vessel with two masts; a small mizzen is aft of the rudderpost
[n] a ship's small boat (usually rowed by 4 or 6 oars)
[v] emit long loud cries; "wail in self-pity"; "howl with sorrow"

Webster (1913) Definition: Yawl, n. [D. jol; akin to LG. & Dan. jolle, Sw. julle.
Cf. Jolly-boat.] (Naut.)
A small ship's boat, usually rowed by four or six oars.
[Written also yaul.]

Yawl, v. i. [OE. [yogh]aulen, [yogh]oulen, gaulen,
goulen, Icel. gaula to low, bellow. Cf. Gowl.]
To cry out like a dog or cat; to howl; to yell. --Tennyson.

There howling Scyllas yawling round about. --Fairfax.

Synonyms: howl, roar, ululate, wail

See Also: call, cry, holler, hollo, jolly, jolly boat, sailing ship, sailing vessel, scream, shout, shout out, small boat, squall, waul, wawl, yell

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