Definitions for: Working

[n] a mine or quarry that is being or has been worked
[adj] serving to permit or facilitate further work or activity; "discussed the working draft of a peace treaty"; "they need working agreements with their neighbor states on interstate projects"
[adj] adequate for practical use; especially sufficient in strength or numbers to accomplish something; "the party has a working majority in the House"; "a working knowledge of Spanish"

Webster (1913) Definition: Work"ing,
a & n. from Work.

The word must cousin be to the working. --Chaucer.

Working beam. See Beam, n. 10.

Working class, the class of people who are engaged in
manual labor, or are dependent upon it for support;
laborers; operatives; -- chiefly used in the plural.

Working day. See under Day, n.

Working drawing, a drawing, as of the whole or part of a
structure, machine, etc., made to a scale, and intended to
be followed by the workmen. Working drawings are either
general or detail drawings.

Working house, a house where work is performed; a

Working point (Mach.), that part of a machine at which the
effect required; the point where the useful work is done.

Synonyms: operative, practical, workings

See Also: excavation, hole in the ground

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