Definitions for: Welt

[n] a raised or strengthened seam
[n] a raised mark on the skin (as produced by the blow of a whip); characteristic of many allergic reactions
[v] put a welt on; of garments or shoes
[v] beat severely with a whip or rod; "The teacher often flogged the students"; "The children were severely trounced"

Webster (1913) Definition: Welt, n. [OE. welte, probably fr. W. gwald a hem, a welt,
gwaldu to welt or to hem.]
1. That which, being sewed or otherwise fastened to an edge
or border, serves to guard, strengthen, or adorn it; as;
(a) A small cord covered with cloth and sewed on a seam or
border to strengthen it; an edge of cloth folded on
itself, usually over a cord, and sewed down.
(b) A hem, border, or fringe. [Obs.]
(c) In shoemaking, a narrow strip of leather around a
shoe, between the upper leather and sole.
(d) In steam boilers and sheet-iron work, a strip riveted
upon the edges of plates that form a butt joint.
(e) In carpentry, a strip of wood fastened over a flush
seam or joint, or an angle, to strengthen it.
(f) In machine-made stockings, a strip, or flap, of which
the heel is formed.

2. (Her.) A narrow border, as of an ordinary, but not
extending around the ends.

Welt joint, a joint, as of plates, made with a welt,
instead of by overlapping the edges. See Weld, n., 1
(d) .

Welt, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Welted; p. pr. & vb. n.
To furnish with a welt; to sew or fasten a welt on; as, to
welt a boot or a shoe; to welt a sleeve.

Welt, v. t.
To wilt. [R.]

Synonyms: flog, lash, lather, slash, strap, trounce, wale, weal, wheal, whip

See Also: add, beat, beat up, birch, cat, cowhide, flagellate, harm, horsewhip, hurt, injury, scourge, seam, switch, trauma, work over

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