Definitions for: Weight Unit

[n] a unit used to measure weight; "he placed two weights in the scale pan"
[n] a decimal unit of weight based on the gram

Synonyms: metric weight unit, weight

See Also: apothecaries' unit, apothecaries' weight, arroba, carat, cattie, catty, centner, crith, dag, decagram, decigram, dekagram, dg, dkg, doppelzentner, frail, g, gm, grain, gram, gram atom, gram molecule, gram-atomic weight, gramme, hectogram, hg, hundredweight, key, kg, kilo, kilogram, last, mass unit, maund, mcg, metric grain, metric hundredweight, metric system, metric ton, metric unit, mg, microgram, milligram, mol, mole, MT, myg, myriagram, obolus, oka, picul, pood, quintal, rotl, t, tael, tod, tonne, troy unit, unit, unit of measurement, welterweight

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