Definitions for: Warden

[n] the chief official in charge of a prison

Webster (1913) Definition: Ward"en, n. [OE. wardein, OF. wardein, gardein,
gardain, F. gardien. See Guardian, and Ward guard.]
1. A keeper; a guardian; a watchman.

He called to the warden on the . . . battlements.
--Sir. W.

2. An officer who keeps or guards; a keeper; as, the warden
of a prison.

3. A head official; as, the warden of a college; specifically
(Eccl.), a churchwarden.

4. [Properly, a keeping pear.] A large, hard pear, chiefly
used for baking and roasting. [Obs.]

I would have had him roasted like a warden. --Beau.
& Fl.

Warden pie, a pie made of warden pears. [Obs.] --Shak.

Synonyms: warder

See Also: law officer, lawman, peace officer, wardress

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