Definitions for: Votive

[adj] dedicated in fulfillment of a vow; "votive prayers"

Webster (1913) Definition: Vo"tive, a. [L. votivus, fr. votum a vow: cf. F. votif.
See Vow.]
Given by vow, or in fulfillment of a vow; consecrated by a
vow; devoted; as, votive offerings; a votive tablet. ``Votive
incense.'' --Keble.

We reached a votive stone, that bears the name Of Aloys
Reding. --Wordsworth.

Embellishments of flowers and votive garlands.

Votive medal, a medal struck in grateful commemoration of
some auspicious event.

Votive offering, an offering in fulfillment of a religious
vow, as of one's person or property. -- Vo"tive*ly, adv.
-- Vo"tive*ness, n.

Synonyms: consecrate, consecrated, dedicated

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