Definitions for: Vanishing

[n] suddenly disappearing from sight
[n] a sudden or mysterious disappearance
[adj] quickly going away and passing out of sight; "all I saw was his vanishing back"

Webster (1913) Definition: Van"ish*ing,
a. & n. from Vanish, v.

Vanishing fraction (Math.), a fraction which reduces to the
form 0/0 for a particular value of the variable which
enters it, usually in consequence of the existence of a
common factor in both terms of the fraction, which factor
becomes 0 for this particular value of the variable.
--Math. Dict.

Vanishing line (Persp.), the intersection of the parallel
of any original plane and picture; one of the lines
converging to the vanishing point.

Vanishing point (Persp.), the point to which all parallel
lines in the same plane tend in the representation.

Vanishing stress (Phon.), stress of voice upon the closing
portion of a syllable. --Rush.

Synonyms: disappearing

See Also: disappearance, disappearance, disappearing

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