Definitions for: Unwind

[v] cause to feel relaxed; "A hot bath always relaxes me"
[v] become less tense, rest, or take one's ease; "He relaxed in the hot tub"; "Let's all relax after a hard day's work"
[v] reverse the winding or twisting of; "unwind a ball of yarn"
[v] separate the tangles of

Webster (1913) Definition: Un*wind", v. t. [AS. unwindan. See 1st Un-, and
Wind to coil.]
1. To wind off; to loose or separate, as what or convolved;
to untwist; to untwine; as, to unwind thread; to unwind a
ball of yarn.

2. To disentangle. [Obs.] --Hooker.

Un*wind", v. i.
To be or become unwound; to be capable of being unwound or

Synonyms: disentangle, loosen up, make relaxed, relax, unlax, unroll, unstrain, wind off

Antonyms: roll, strain, tense, tense up, twine, wind, wrap

See Also: affect, change state, decompress, displace, move, roll out, sit back, slow down, straighten, take it easy, turn, unbend, uncoil, undo, unwind, vege out, vegetate

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