Definitions for: Unsettled

[adj] not yet settled; "unsettled territory"
[adj] subject to change; "a changeable climate"; "the weather is uncertain"; "unsettled weather with rain and hail and sunshine coming one right after the other"
[adj] not settled or established; "an unsettled lifestyle"
[adj] still in doubt; "an unsettled issue"; "an unsettled state of mind"
[adj] lacking order or stability; "these unsettled times"

Synonyms: aimless, changeable, disturbed, doubtful, drifting, erratic, floating, homeless, itinerant, migrant, migratory, mobile, nomadic, open, peregrine, peripatetic, planetary, rootless, roving, stateless, tentative, uncertain, undecided, undetermined, uninhabited, unlocated, unresolved, unstable, vagabond, vagrant, variable, wandering, wayfaring

Antonyms: settled

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