Definitions for: Unilateral

[adj] involving only one part or side; "unilateral paralysis"; "a unilateral decision"
[adj] tracing descent from either the paternal or the maternal line only

Webster (1913) Definition: U`ni*lat"er*al, a. [Uni- + lateral: cf. F.
1. Being on one side only; affecting but one side; one-sided.

2. (Biol.) Pertaining to one side; one-sided; as, a
unilateral raceme, in which the flowers grow only on one
side of a common axis, or are all turned to one side.

Unilateral contract (Law), a contract or engagement
requiring future action only by one party.

Synonyms: direct, lineal, one-party, one-sided, unilateralist

Antonyms: bilateral, many-sided, multilateral, two-sided

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