Definitions for: Unadvised

[adj] without careful prior deliberation or counsel; "ill-advised efforts"; "it would be ill-advised to accept the offer"; "took the unadvised measure of going public with the accusations"; "ill-advised efforts"
[adj] having received no information; "a defendant unadvised of her legal rights"

Webster (1913) Definition: Un`ad*vised", a.
1. Not prudent; not discreet; ill advised. --Shak.

2. Done without due consideration; wanton; rash;
inconsiderate; as, an unadvised proceeding. --
Un`ad*vis"ed*ly, adv. -- Un`ad*vis"ed*ness, n.

Synonyms: ill-advised, uninformed

Antonyms: advised, well-advised

See Also: foolish, imprudent

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