Definitions for: Tupelo

[n] a town in northeast Mississippi
[n] any of several gum trees of swampy areas of North America
[n] pale soft wood of a tupelo tree especially the water gum

Webster (1913) Definition: Tu"pe*lo, n. [Tupelo, or tupebo, the native American
Indian name.] (Bot.)
A North American tree (Nyssa multiflora) of the Dogwood
family, having brilliant, glossy foliage and acid red
berries. The wood is crossgrained and very difficult to
split. Called also black gum, sour gum, and pepperidge.

Largo tupelo, or Tupelo gum (Bot.), an American tree
(Nyssa uniflora) with softer wood than the tupelo.

Sour tupelo (Bot.), the Ogeechee lime.

Synonyms: tupelo tree

See Also: black gum, genus Nyssa, gum, gum tree, Magnolia State, Mississippi, MS, Nyssa, Nyssa aquatica, Nyssa sylvatica, pepperidge, sour gum, town, tupelo, water gum, wood

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