Definitions for: Tuesday

[n] the third day of the week; the second working day

Webster (1913) Definition: Tues"day (t[=u]z"d[asl]; 48), n. [OE. Tewesday, AS.
Tiwes d[ae]g the day of Tiw the god of war; akin to OHG. Zio,
Icel. T[=y]r, L. Jupiter, Gr. Zey`s;, cf. OHG. Ziostac
Tuesday, G. Dienstag, Icel. T[=y]sdagr. [root]244. See
Deity, Day, and cf. Jovial.]
The third day of the week, following Monday and preceding

Synonyms: Tues

See Also: weekday, Whitsun Tuesday, Whit-Tuesday

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