Definitions for: Triviality

[n] something of small importance
[n] the quality of being unimportant and petty or frivolous
[n] a detail that is considered insignificant

Webster (1913) Definition: Triv`i*al"i*ty, n.; pl. Trivialities. [Cf. F.
1. The quality or state of being trivial; trivialness.

2. That which is trivial; a trifle.

The philosophy of our times does not expend itself
in furious discussions on mere scholastic
trivialities. --Lyon

Synonyms: pettiness, slightness, small beer, technicality, trifle, trifle, trivia

See Also: detail, item, point, stuff, sundries, sundry, unimportance, whatchamacallit, whatsis

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