Definitions for: Tort

[n] (law) any wrongdoing for which and action for damages may be brought

Webster (1913) Definition: Tort, n. [F., from LL. tortum, fr. L. tortus twisted,
crooked, p. p. of torqure to twist, bend. See Torture.]
1. Mischief; injury; calamity. [Obs.]

That had them long opprest with tort. --Spenser.

2. (Law) Any civil wrong or injury; a wrongful act (not
involving a breach of contract) for which an action will
lie; a form of action, in some parts of the United States,
for a wrong or injury.

Executor de son tort. See under Executor.

Tort feasor (Law), a wrongdoer; a trespasser. --Wharton.

Tort, a.
Stretched tight; taut. [R.]

Yet holds he them with tortestrein. --Emerson.

Synonyms: civil wrong

See Also: actus reus, alienation of affection, invasion of privacy, libel, misconduct, trespass, wrongdoing, wrongful conduct

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